Youth Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in Hale’s Youth Volunteer Program (YVP). The program develops leadership skills as volunteers work closely with seasonal staff members, and it offers volunteers an opportunity to meaningfully impact Hale’s visitors.

This year, there are three “trails” in the YVP:

  • Program Trail: Volunteers work in a program or activity, shadow a seasonal staff member, and learn to interact with participants.
  • Event Trail: Volunteers work with a YVP Guide to plan and execute an event to engage and teach seasonal members or visitors.
  • Buildings & Grounds Trail: Volunteers work with a YVP Lead to budget and plan a hands-on project that can be used by Hale participants and visitors.

A minimum time commitment of 4 weeks is required, but these weeks do not need to be consecutive and can be spread out throughout the summer. The experience culminates in a capstone presentation about the project and the impact you have had on the future of Hale.

All hours worked will be documented so that you can apply them toward any volunteer requirements (for graduation, scouting, etc.).

Apply to Volunteer