School & Professional Programs

Hale designs and delivers high-quality adventures for schools, colleges, and organizations. Our best-in-class facilitators help groups explore, learn, and grow—online, at their schools, in their communities, and across Hale’s 1,137 acres of adventure that feature miles of trails, several ecosystems, four ponds, and two accredited ropes challenge courses.


Programs at Hale strengthen relationships, safely challenge participants, and through it all, are a lot of fun! Our 1,000+ acres of adventure are surprisingly wild, historically significant, and easily accessible. Living tree challenge courses, four ponds, and 20 miles of trails offer an authentic outdoor experience you’re unlikely to find anywhere else this close to Boston.

Outdoor learning programs at Hale


Teambuilding activities can accommodate groups of all sizes, from 5 to 500 participants! We tailor programs to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. Whether your group is meeting for the first time or navigating the stages of team development, our programs can foster communication and social-emotional learning.

Hale's Rope Course Program

Ropes Challenge Course

Low Ropes activities take place on built elements, often no more than one foot above the ground and never more than 15 feet above the ground. Even so, participation is always prefaced by teambuilding activities that assess a group’s maturity and preparedness for higher levels of challenge.

High Ropes activities take place in the trees, anywhere from 15 to 40 feet above the ground. Although one or two people are up in the air at a time, high ropes elements are truly an experience for the whole team.

Deeper Learning Boston Conference

From Sept. 30–Oct. 1, Deeper Learning Boston’s 2022 conference, A Nexus of Opportunity: Radical Imagination for Learning, will recognize the unique moment we are living in to create transformative learning experiences. Whether you’re inspired by the outdoors, the arts, a new piece of technology, or an innovative curriculum—finding ways to think beyond our typical limits can lead to radically new outcomes for youth and families. This fall, teachers, educational leaders, facilitators, and artists from Boston and the Northeast region will convene at Hale Education and Westwood High School to explore place-based learning, environmental justice, and creativity through the arts.


Sometimes participants are able to gather but getting to Hale just isn’t feasible. If you can’t come to Hale, our facilitators can come to you. We’ve offered programs in spaces that range from classrooms to public parks and everywhere in between, and we can modify activities to align with your organization’s health and safety guidelines. Whether you’re interested in Games and Initiatives, Teambuilding, or Place-Based Learning, we’ll tailor a program that approximates time at Hale.

Learn from wherever you are with Hale


Hale’s virtual programs bring distance learning to life for students, teachers, and working professionals. Discover digital icebreakers for your first day of school, inspire colleagues to unmute during future meetings, or adapt your curriculum for online delivery. Whether by way of webinars, workshops, or scavenger hunts, our facilitators can help you navigate “the new normal.”

Hale Virtual Learning

For Students

Hale’s certified virtual facilitators lead small groups of students in a series of purposeful Activities. We collaborate with teachers to tailor every program to achieve specific learning objectives. All sessions encourage critical thinking and develop soft skills such as collaboration and empathy. Recent clients include Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Pine Hill Elementary School, and Mary Lyon K–8 School.

Virtual learning for teachers

For Teachers

Professional Development Sessions explore tools and techniques for creating interactive learning spaces across various platforms. Facilitators offer pedagogical tips and tricks and prepare teachers to address challenges unique to online environments. Check out our professional online courses to register for upcoming programs.

Curriculum Design Sessions are best described as consultations in which facilitators help teachers and administrators adapt pre-existing curricula to distance learning models.

Virtual Learning for Facilitators

For Facilitators

Whether you work in outdoor education or are your company’s unofficial meeting guru or retreat planner, becoming a Hale Certified Facilitator of Virtual Programs (HCF-V) will help you gain the knowledge and skills required to deliver high-quality online experiences for students and colleagues. We explore several online platforms and a variety of group management techniques over the course of five 90-minute sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Programs

What platform do you use?

We typically use Zoom, but can adapt to others to meet client needs.

Is there a minimum age for online programs?

Online programs are best suited to students in 4th grade or higher.

How much time does a typical online program require?

We generally recommended about an hour for an online program.

How far in advance should I plan an online program?

Three weeks of lead time is generally the minimum amount of time we require for an online program. During this time we review client needs and design and staff the program.

Programs at Your Site

What type of space does a program require?

Outdoor spaces are ideal, but our facilitators can adapt to indoor spaces as well, from classrooms to gymnasiums. Rooms with movable furniture, air walls, or other flexibility are preferred.

How much time does a typical program require?

We generally recommended between 4–6 hours for a traditional program.

Do we need to supply anything?

Generally, no. Our facilitators will bring any props or materials needed for activities.

Programs at Hale

What is the best time of year to plan a program?

We run programs with groups throughout the year, but some spaces and activities are seasonal. Our busiest times are at the start and end of the school year (August–October and May–June), so if you plan to book a program during those months, it’s best to reserve your date as soon as possible. Some groups book up to a year (or more) in advance.

How much time does a typical program require?

We generally recommended between 4–6 hours for a traditional program.

Does Hale offer food services?

No, we do not have food service facilities at Hale. Many participants bring their own meals and snacks, but some organizations provide food or arrange catering or delivery for their groups. We are happy to suggest vendors who are familiar with Hale.

Do you work with groups other than schools?

Absolutely! In addition to schools and colleges, we work with a variety of community organizations, youth groups, teams, clubs, and businesses. We welcome any group that is looking for a fun day of bonding and adventure in the outdoors.

Do you offer overnight programs?

The vast majority of programs are single- or multi-day programs in which participants return home each day. Overnight options at Hale are rustic. Small groups may consider overnight lodging in Hale’s yurts, and others might opt to camp.

What should participants bring?

We provide clients with a detailed list of recommended clothing and other items, which includes a refillable water bottle, closed toe shoes, and clothing you don’t mind getting a little messy.

What if there's bad weather?

Our programs run rain or shine (but we do adjust operations in the event of thunder, lightning, extreme heat or cold, etc.). We are fortunate to have shelters throughout our campus, and we encourage participants to dress appropriately for changing conditions. Believe it or not, a little rain often enhances teambuilding!

What if someone requires medical attention?

Facilitators may provide basic first aid, including bandages and ice packs, but they are not authorized to administer medication or provide professional medical care. Groups are welcome to bring their own nurses or appropriately certified professionals if any of their participants require medical assistance while at Hale. Several nearby hospitals can quickly respond to any emergencies.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?
Please reach out to Sunny Pai.


Hale’s virtual programs gave me so many new ideas about how to approach remote teaching. Working with the facilitators rejuvenated me, excited my students, and reminded us all that we are three-dimensional people outside our Zoom squares. —Benji Cohen, Teacher, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Had an amazing time at Hale! The day was filled with laughter, life lessons, and relationship-building activities. We want to thank our wonderful facilitators who taught us the importance of effective communication and challenge by choice. We are incredibly proud of our students for stepping out of their comfort zones and their phenomenal teamwork! —Rachada Hiranyaket, Program Manager, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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