Join Hale’s Seasonal Staff

As schools shift to hybrid and remote learning this fall, Hale will offer outdoor recreational programs for school-age children to support their physical, social, and emotional needs. If you’re passionate about education, ready to serve as a role model, and committed to safely delivering fun experiences in the great outdoors, we’d like to hear from you! For more information about available positions, click here.

Apply for Fall

Summer Marketing Roles

If you have a strong background in business, marketing, communication, or hospitality and are 18 or older, we have a few additional opportunities that might be of interest to you. Please note that responsibilities for these positions cannot be fulfilled remotely. Applications for next year’s roles will be available in January 2021 and are due by March 1, 2021.

  • Photographer: Spend your summer documenting memorable moments across Hale’s property and programs. This hourly job is ideal for students, freelancers, hobbyists, and others who have flexible schedules.
  • Videographer: If you’re a master storyteller who can manage the production process from start to finish, you’re sure to like this job.
  • Digital Marketing Intern: Enhance community as you capture memories, share news, and inspire interaction online and IRL. This internship is restricted to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. It may be completed for course credit at your institution’s discretion and includes a stipend.

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re more inclined to volunteer, know that Hale Summer Club offers a High School Volunteer Program. The program develops leadership skills and provides a sense of what it is like to work at Hale Summer Club and Hale. The 2021 HSC HS Volunteer Application Packet will be available later this year.