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I’ve been a counselor for 3 years, and camp has taught me to appreciate the outdoors and the people around me. I've created memories and long-lasting friends, and can't wait for this summer. —Lucas Lehnan
I love the community. The staff truly care about their work and make a positive impact on youth and each other, and our diversity adds to the overall joy that is Hale. —Shanice Stewart
Hale offers the opportunity to not just learn about oneself but to learn and engage with a diverse range of people. I learned that communication is key with kids and co-workers. —Blossom Igbani
Working at Hale allows employees to explore their interests. The atmosphere is always positive and it's so fun that it doesn't feel like a job. —Brien D’Entremont
Being part of these children’s lives and encouraging their love of nature and learning was such a privilege, and making special connections made it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. —Chloe Mason
After working a summer at Hale, I feel like I have gained teambuilding, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as another family that I can always return to and friends I’ll always remember. —Kai Silva
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Hale offers outdoor recreation programs for children and families! If you’re passionate about education, ready to serve as a role model, and committed to safely delivering fun experiences in the great outdoors, we’d like to hear from you.

Please note that all positions have been filled for Summer 2023. You are welcome to submit your information and we’ll hold onto it for next year.

Leadership Positions

Are you a college student, grad student, teacher, or 9-month employee? Use your expertise to supervise and mentor summer staff members across Hale’s programs. Bring your energy, creativity, and desire to guide the teens who deliver so many of our activities.

Counselor Positions

Counselors are the ultimate role models. Coach, protect, and care for campers as they make friends and memories. Whether you’re leading a game, tying a shoelace, or applying a Band-Aid, you’ll make a lasting impression on a child’s life.

Waterfront Positions

Hale’s lifeguards, swimming instructors, and boating instructors have eagle eyes for safety. Keep campers and beachgoers happy and well cared for, inspire confidence on the water, and teach valuable life skills that can literally save lives.

Activity Specialists

Painters, climbers, musicians, archers, actors, and naturalists are all at home in Hale’s community. Grab your bow, helmet, or paintbrush and share your passion with others beyond the walls of traditional classrooms.

Healthcare Professionals

Health and safety are top priorities at Hale. If you’re a compassionate individual who’s eager to support the health needs of our community, consider serving as a licensed nurse, EMT, or healthcare assistant.


Do you enjoy building teams, climbing on high and low ropes elements, and leading games and initiatives? Spend your summer working with groups on our fields, trails, and accredited challenge courses.


Help build awareness of Hale’s property and programs. We hire photographers, videographers, and general marketing interns. Email Greg Freed to express interest.

Buildings & Grounds

Programs would have a hard time running without the hard work of this quiet crew. From mowing lawns to maintaining facilities, it takes many hands to keep the property looking great.

Gate & Boating Attendants

Gate and boating attendants (ages 14+) welcome visitors, support program activities, and develop valuable customer service skills.

All Gate & Boating Attendant Positions Filled

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions we receive.

What qualities make a good Hale staff member?

Energy, flexibility, and reliability are key when working in our programs. Our staff members are typically involved in their school, local, or religious communities and have a passion to make the world a better place. Our staff loves working with some really cool kids, too!

I am under 16 years old. What jobs can I apply for?

We are happy to employ 14- and 15-year-olds as Beach and Boating Attendants. This position supports Waterfront operations, so please select “Waterfront Positions” when you submit your inquiry. Incoming high school students are also eligible to join Hale’s Youth Volunteer Program. If you select “Volunteering,” a staff member will send you our Volunteer Application.

What will my work schedule look like?

Schedules differ depending on what program you are hired to work for. Camps generally operate Monday–Friday from 8 AM–4 PM, but some programs have overnights that require other hours. You’ll learn more about schedules throughout the application and interview process.

What can I expect to be paid?

We highly value our seasonal staff. Pay rates vary based on experience and certifications, but all positions are paid at least minimum wage. Seasonal staff are paid on a biweekly schedule through direct deposit.

Can I take time off?

Summer is the busiest season at Hale! If you choose to join our team, we ask that you commit the majority of your summer to this important work. Any time off should be requested and approved prior to the start of programs.

What happens after I express interest?

First, one of our staff members will reach out and invite you to formally apply. Next, we’ll review your application and you’ll have an opportunity to interview with us. If you move forward, we’ll contact your references, verify your credentials and work history, and run criminal background (CORI) and sex offender (SORI) checks. We’re committed to hiring the best summer staff possible, and hope to welcome you to that community!

I'd rather volunteer than apply for a job. Can I do that?

Yes you can! Our Youth Volunteer Program is a great introduction to some of the responsibilities our staff members have. Learn more and apply here.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Please contact us by phone at 781-326-1770 or by email at info@hale1918.org.

Let’s Get Started!

Please note that all positions have been filled for Summer 2023. You are welcome to submit your information and we’ll hold onto it for next year.

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