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1918 Society

It was in 1918 that Robert Sever Hale first made his land available for scouts from Boston to explore.  Today, we continue to preserve that legacy, with 1,137 acres of adventure accessible to children, adults and families through our camps, family beach, education programs and for public access.

Your investment in Hale through the 1918 Society is the cornerstone for many of our programs.  In fact, every program at Hale is the beneficiary of your support.  From maintaining the land, trails, and more than 60 structures on it, to providing financial aid to expand the outreach of our Hale Day Camp, Hale Summer Club and Education & Adventure programs, to underwriting Hale After School and Hale Outdoor Learning Adventures. Your gift also enables us to think big and be bold as we establish new programs that impact youth and families throughout Greater Boston.

Membership in the 1918 Society is made up of donors at the $1,918 level per year and higher.

  • Bronze – Gifts of $1,918-2,499
  • Silver – Gifts of $2,500-4,999
  • Gold – Gifts of $5,000-$9,999
  • Platinum – Gifts of $10,000-24,999

All members of the 1918 Society are recognized in our annual report, invited to an annual stewardship event, and given access to special programs and invitations throughout the year.  In addition, 1918 Society members receive a communication from Hale’s Executive Director with updates and news twice per year.

Hale earned GuideStar’s 2018 Silver Seal of Transparency. Our community, potential donors, funders, and key decision-makers can tangibly see our commitment to financial accountability. Visit our GuideStar profile here.

Visionary Society

Donors of $25,000 or higher are recognized as Hale’s Visionaries.  Their investments at higher levels enable us not only to continue the high level of our existing programs, but to think about how we can continue to evolve and grow to live our mission statement.  The Visionary Society celebrates these donors, who receive all of the benefits of membership in the 1918 Society, but in addition, are recognized with special communications and opportunities throughout the year.

  • Bronze-$25,000-49,999
  • Silver-$50,000-99,999
  • Gold – $100,000-249,999
  • Platinum – $250,000 and more


Hale Heritage Society

Hale as we know it today began with a gift.  During his lifetime, Robert Sever Hale was dedicated to acquiring land for young people to access for hikes, camping and the opportunity to be in nature. Through his estate, Robert Sever Hale bequeathed “all the real estate which I shall own at the time of my death…together with the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars to Scoutland, Inc.”, which was renamed Hale Reservation in the decades to come.

We invite you to consider naming Hale among your beneficiaries as you do your own estate planning.  At present, Hale gratefully accepts these gifts through both wills and as a named beneficiary of either insurance or retirement plans.

Here are some examples:

A General Bequest: A general bequest provides that a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate or a certain piece of property, be given to charity at the time of your death. For most people, a gift of a percentage of the remaining estate after taxes and debts have been satisfied is the most appropriate use of a general bequest.

The following sample language illustrates how a general bequest to charity might be phrased in your will or trust: I give, devise, and bequeath 10% of my Estate, after taxes and debts have been satisfied, to Hale Reservation, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, located in Westwood, Massachusetts.

A Residual Bequest: A residual bequest designates that the remainder or balance of your estate goes to a deserving charity or charities you respect and support — after your will or trust has made gifts of money or property to your loved ones.

The following sample language illustrates how a residual bequest to charity might be phrased in your will or trust: I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest, residue, and remainder of my property, real, personal, or mixed; after all personal bequests have been made, to Hale Reservation, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, located in Westwood, Massachusetts.

A Beneficiary of an Insurance Policy or Retirement Account: You have the option of naming Hale as the sole beneficiary, a co-beneficiary, or a contingent beneficiary.  Changing policy or retirement account beneficiaries is usually quite simple and can be handled through your insurance company or plan administrator.

We encourage all who have made the decision to include Hale in their estate plans to let us know, so that we can recognize you as members of the Hale Heritage Society. Email Lorraine to learn more.

Monthly Sustainers

A small monthly gift of $10 or more can have a big impact! As a monthly sustainer, you’ll receive special communications and invitations throughout the year, and know that your consistent support will enable us to do more for more children and families. Become a monthly sustainer today or email Greg to learn more.


If you’d like to raise money for Hale on your own, we’d love to hear more about your idea. We also have fundraising and brand management guidelines you should be aware of before you begin soliciting donations. Please email Greg to coordinate.