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Summiting Mt. Monadnock on February Break

After a busy first few weeks, students and staff alike were rewarded with a well-deserved break: a whole week to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time away from school. But IAH is not your average school, so when we offered an optional trip to summit a mountain, six students jumped at the opportunity.

Mt. Monadnock is 3,165 feet high, and it’s February. We expected to encounter winter weather. But instead of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, Mother Nature blessed us with a sunny, 70-degree forecast!

Before the sun was even up, our sleepy-eyed band of adventurers was on its way out of Boston. A dense, eerie fog took hold as we approached Mt. Monadnock, and our trepidation was palpable. What if it rained the whole time? What if there was no view? What if this whole trip was a bust?

We put those thoughts aside, enthusiastically jumped out of the van, attached our MicroSpikes, and began the climb. It was no easy feat. But as we climbed 1,700 feet over two miles, the fog cleared, the sun rose, and soon enough, we were rewarded with spectacular views.

At the peak, we broke out our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, enjoyed the view, and appreciated that moment together. It was the highlight of February Break. For our student climbers, this was their first mountain summit, and they returned eager for another.

Who would’ve ever thought I would be interested in climbing a mountain? It was amazing. I sound crazy, but I got to see different scenery and be exposed to different elements. Climbing a mountain isn’t easy. It’s scary, especially when the rocks are slippery and steep…but I am so proud that I went outside my comfort zone and decided to take risk. This is one of my biggest accomplishments.Kim Tran, Student Climber

As Lead Outdoor Guide, I’m excited that our staff and students supported each other through a challenging and successful climb. Our students are excited to have explored a part of our country that many of them had never seen. Luckily, this was just the first of many extracurricular adventures to come.

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