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We’re refreshing programs and boosting capacity on the heels of last summer’s unprecedented waitlists. Check out what’s in store, and sign up now—open enrollment for 2022 has begun and sessions are filling fast. We can’t wait to see you next year!

Swimming Lessons at Summer Camp

Hale Day Camp: Pre-K–Grade 8

Hale Day Camp features traditional activities in four age-based divisions tailored to their developmental needs. For enrollment, note these are “rising” grade ranges; in other words, campers should be entering these grades next fall.

Kindercamp (Pre-K–Kindergarten)

Kindercamp (Pre-K–Kindergarten) offers rotating activities, smaller equipment, low camper-to-counselor ratios, a forest playground, and swimming lessons in tranquil ponds. Kindercampers engage their senses through play, learn sports, explore nature, spend time at the beach, and have dedicated rest times each day. There’s just one catch: they need to be toilet-trained to attend!

Lower Camp (Grades 1–3)

Lower Camp (Grades 1–3) inspires curiosity and exploration as campers visit sites like Bear Cave and Noanet Dam, learn to hike and fish, and begin teambuilding. Lower campers practice sports, make arts and crafts, begin visiting the archery range, and start teambuilding activities. They enjoy the waterfront, too—through swimming lessons, free swim, and facilitated games.

Middle Camp (Grades 4–5)

Middle Camp (Grades 4–5) builds on lower camp activities including archery, sports, and arts and crafts. Counselors introduce challenge course elements (low and high ropes) as well as hiking, fishing, and boating. Group electives begin, and campers begin to identify the outdoor activities they’re most passionate about.

Upper Camp (Grades 6–8)

Upper Camp (Grades 6–8) affords pre-teens more freedom and a heightened sense of adventure through electives, field games, and access to high ropes elements. It includes all of the traditional camp activities of our lower divisions, as well as an overnight campout at Hale and a day trip to Nantasket Beach.

Outdoor Adventure Camps

Hale Adventure Camp: Grades 4–8

Hale Adventure Camp features four levels of challenge that build outdoor skills and include travel opportunities. Campers also enjoy traditional camp activities such as archery, boating, climbing, and swimming.

Adventure 101 (Grades 4–6)

Adventure 101 (Grades 4–6) is a week-long program during Session 1 that teaches campers to read maps, start fires, and more. It’s a great introduction to Adventure Camp for those interested in hiking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Prerequisite: None, although previous experience in Hale Day Camp is encouraged.

Basecamp (Grades 4–6)

Basecamp (Grades 4–6) is a two-week program during Sessions 2–4 that applies basic outdoor skills, including those taught during Adventure 101. It includes overnight camping at Hale—one night during the first week, and two nights during the second. Prerequisite: None, although previous experience in Adventure 101 or Hale Day Camp is encouraged.

Frontcountry (Grades 5–7)

Frontcountry (Grades 5–7) is a two-week program during Sessions 2–4 that includes an overnight at Hale during the first week, a two-night trip to Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires during the second, and Hale’s Outdoor Skills Gauntlet—a day-long competition that features challenges in raft building, orienteering, and more. Prerequisite: Basecamp or equivalent experience.

Backcountry (Grades 6–8)

Backcountry (Grades 6–8) is a two-week program during Sessions 2–4 that serves our most experienced campers. It teaches technical skills and includes an overnight at Hale during the first week before challenging campers to summit a 4,000-footer in the White Mountains on a three-day camping trip during the second. Prerequisite: Frontcountry or equivalent experience.

Mountain Biking Camp

Hale Mountain Biking Camp: Grades 3–8

Hale Mountain Biking Camp focuses on skill-building and ride time. Campers execute drills, increase endurance, and learn about bike maintenance and trail stewardship in our private skills park and beyond.

Beginner MTB (Grades 3–6)

Beginner MTB (Grades 3–6) starts with 2–3 hours of riding each morning followed by drills and practice time. Beginners develop basic skills such as reading trail heads, riding brakes while descending, down-shifting while ascending, and maintaining balance. They also learn about safety, basic bike maintenance (such as how to repair a flat tire), and trail stewardship—they’ve even been known to enhance or build elements in our skills park! Counselors incorporate one traditional camp activity and swimming every day, too. New campers should be comfortable riding up to 3 miles of trails and able to clear obstacles up to 6 inches in height.

Advanced MTB (Grades 4–8)

Advanced MTB (Grades 4–8) is suited to confident riders eager to build speed and agility on longer rides. It introduces technical trails and offers ample time in our private skills park. Advanced riders also learn about teamwork and land stewardship as they help build and maintain features on trails and in the skills park. Campers also participate in our hobby elective program, which empowers them to choose a traditional camp activity each afternoon (or opt for more ride time, if they prefer). Swimming is included, too. New campers should be comfortable riding up to 5 miles of trails and able to clear obstacles up to 12+ inches in height.

Leadership Training at Camp

Counselor-in-Training Program: Grades 9–10

Registration Opens Soon

Our Counselor-in-Training Program (Ages 14–15) develops communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills among Hale’s next generation of counselors. Senior counselors coach these aspiring role models during multi-session blocks throughout the summer. CITs participate in professional development, teambuilding, and challenge course activities and are embedded with camp groups to observe program operations in action.

Bus Service

Hale gladly provides free bus service* with stops in Brookline, Dedham, Dover, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Medfield, Milton, Needham, Newton, Norwood, West Roxbury, and Westwood.

A camp staff member accompanies each bus for the duration of its route and ensures your camper’s safe journey to and from camp each day. Please note that you or an authorized adult must meet your camper at your designated bus stop each afternoon.

Campers may sign up for bus service at the time of registration. Buses serve campers during regular camp hours (8:45 AM–3:45 PM). Campers who remain at Hale after 3:45 PM for Extended Day are responsible for coordinating their own transportation.

Bus 1 (Yellow)
  • Newton South High School, 140 Brandeis Road, Newton (7:30 AM/4:45 PM)
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 258 Concord Street, Newton (7:50 AM/4:25 PM)
  • Eliot School, 135 Wellesley Avenue, Needham (8:05 AM/4:15 PM)
  • Newman Elementary School, 1155 Central Avenue, Needham (8:20 AM/4 PM)
Bus 2 (Red)
  • Blake Middle School, 24 Pound Street, Medfield (7:35 AM/4:45 PM)
  • Dale Street School, 45 Adams Street, Medfield (7:45 AM/4:35 PM)
  • Dover Highway Department, 1 Dedham Street, Dover (8:10 AM/4:20 PM)
  • Sheehan School, 549 Pond Street, Westwood (8:20 AM/4:05 PM)
Bus 3 (Green)
  • Norwood High School, 245 Nichols Street, Norwood (7:35 AM/4:45 PM)
  • Oldham Elementary School, 165 Prospect Street, Norwood (8 AM/4:25 PM)
  • Downey School, 250 Downey Street, Westwood (8:20 AM/4:15 PM)
  • Westwood High School, 200 Nahatan Street, Westwood (8:30 AM/4 PM)
Bus 4 (Purple)
  • Brookline High School, 115 Greenough Street, Brookline (7:45 AM/4:40 PM)
  • English High School, 144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain (8:05 AM/4:15 PM)
Bus 5 (Orange)
  • Holy Name Parish School, 535 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury (7:45 AM/4:30 PM)
  • Catholic Memorial School, 235 Baker Street, West Roxbury (8 AM/4:15 PM)
  • Riverdale School, 143 Needham Street, Dedham (8:10 AM/4:05 PM)
Bus 6 (Blue)
  • Ellison/Parks Early Education School, 108 Babson Street, Mattapan (7:30 AM/4:45 PM)
  • Pierce Middle School, 451 Central Avenue, Milton (7:40 AM/4:35 PM)
  • St. Pius X Parish, 101 Wolcott Road, Milton (7:55 AM/4:20 PM)
  • Greenlodge School, 191 Greenlodge Street, Dedham (8:20 AM/4:05 PM)
*Please note that any camper who registers for bus service may be subject to a transportation surcharge of $130 per camper, per session should public health protocols limit passenger capacities at that time.


As we all return to leading more active lives, we’re pleased to include one 2022 Hale Membership per camp family (a $120 value) with registration. Valid from Mar. 1, 2022–Feb. 28, 2023, your membership features complimentary parking throughout the year, discounts on activities, and a copy of Hale Magazine.

We’re also pleased to once again offer installment billing to make paying for camp more manageable—the sooner you enroll, the lower your monthly payment will be. A deposit will hold your camper’s spot until the balance is automatically paid in equal monthly installments (which auto-bill on the 1st of each month). And you can always save the most if you choose to pay in full.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you’d like to enroll your camper in Session 3 of Hale Day Camp. Tuition is $1,375 per session. If you opt for installment billing, you’ll make a $300 deposit (per camper, per session), and then we’ll automatically charge the balance to your credit card on the 1st of each month thereafter. If you register in October and secure our $75 early bird discount, that’s roughly $140 per month. Alternatively, you could choose to pay in full and save even more: $1,225 will secure your camper’s spot.

This year’s refund policy is even more flexible. All payments—deposits and additional payments—are fully refundable until Jan. 31, 2022.

Whether you opt for installment billing or choose to save even more by paying in full, your account balance will be settled by May so you and your camper can focus on what’s most important as summer approaches: camp!

Visit our Camps just outside Boston

Rates & Dates

Open enrollment has begun, and we’re pleased to offer significant tuition discounts to early birds! Register now for significant savings through installment billing, or save even more by paying in full.

Any remaining credit on your account may be applied toward tuition. To check your credit balance: Log into our registration system; click My Account, then History & Balances, then Current Balances, and then select Credit Balances from the drop-down menu; it will display any credit you have available.

A down payment of $300 per camper, per session is required for installment billing. Your credit card will be charged the remaining balance in equal monthly installments on the first of each month, ending May 1.

If your camper requires bus transportation or extended day, remember to sign up for those, too!

Special discount codes are only valid on Hale’s camps for the 2022 season and may only be applied to enrollment that is paid in full at the time of registration. Hale reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify, extend, or end promotional discounts.
Jun. 20–24
Jun. 27–Jul. 8
Jul. 11–22
Jul. 25–Aug. 5
Aug. 8–Aug. 19
Hale Day Camp
Kindercamp, Lower Camp, Middle Camp, Upper Camp

Tuition: $685

Installments: $645

Pay in Full: $610
Tuition: $1,235

Installments: $1,175

Pay in Full: $1,110
Tuition: $1,375

Installments: $1,300

Pay in Full: $1,225
Tuition: $1,375

Installments: $1,300

Pay in Full: $1,225
Tuition: $1,375

Installments: $1,300

Pay in Full: $1,225
Counselor-in-Training Program

Tuition: TBA

Installments: TBA

Pay in Full: TBA
This program begins during Session 2 and continues through Session 3.
Tuition: TBA

Installments: TBA

Pay in Full: TBA
This program begins during Session 4 and continues through Session 5.
Hale Adventure Camp
Basecamp—Adventure 101

Tuition: $695

Installments: $660

Pay in Full: $620
Hale Adventure Camp

Tuition: $1,345

Installments: $1,265

Pay in Full: $1,195
Tuition: $1,495

Installments: $1,400

Pay in Full: $1,320
Tuition: $1,495

Installments: $1,400

Pay in Full: $1,320
Hale Adventure Camp

Tuition: $1,435

Installments: $1,335

Pay in Full: $1,260
Tuition: $1,595

Installments: $1,480

Pay in Full: $1,395
Tuition: $1,595

Installments: $1,480

Pay in Full: $1,395
Hale Adventure Camp

Tuition: $1,495

Installments: $1,400

Pay in Full: $1,320
Tuition: $1,665

Installments: $1,555

Pay in Full: $1,465
Tuition: $1,665

Installments: $1,555

Pay in Full: $1,465
Hale Mountain Biking Camp

Tuition: $710

Installments: $665

Pay in Full: $635
Tuition: $1,300

Installments: $1,220

Pay in Full: $1,150
Tuition: $1,445

Installments: $1,345

Pay in Full: $1,270
Tuition: $1,445

Installments: $1,345

Pay in Full: $1,270
Tuition: $1,445

Installments: $1,345

Pay in Full: $1,270
Hale Mountain Biking Camp

Tuition: $775

Installments: $715

Pay in Full: $675
Tuition: $1,390

Installments: $1,290

Pay in Full: $1,215
Tuition: $1,545

Installments: $1,425

Pay in Full: $1,345
Tuition: $1,545

Installments: $1,425

Pay in Full: $1,345
Tuition: $1,545

Installments: $1,425

Pay in Full: $1,345

NOTE: Camps do not operate on July 4.

Financial Aid

Hale is committed to ensuring that our programs are accessible to children and families regardless of personal means. To that end, we maintain a fund to help families in need afford the cost of tuition. Applications are available now and due by November 1, 2021. For more information, please download our Financial Aid Packet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hale's camps licensed and accredited?

Yes. Every camp must comply with the regulations of Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local Board of Health. Hale’s collective camps (i.e. those we own and operate, which include Hale Day Camp, Hale Adventure Camp, Hale Mountain Biking Camp, and Hale’s Counselor-in-Training Program) are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association. Learn why that’s important!

How old does my camper need to be to attend?

Age requirements vary by camp, but our youngest campers must be at least four years of age and toilet trained to attend Kindercamp.

Who will take care of my camper?

Seasonal staff members are carefully selected from the teaching profession, top college and graduate schools, and local public and private high schools. Every applicant is personally interviewed, three or more reference checks are required, and work histories are carefully reviewed. Hale also completes criminal background (CORI) and sex offender (SORI) checks on all of its hires.

Our counselors are enthusiastic, creative role models who understand children and love the outdoors. Activity specialists have extensive experience in their respective activities (and receive additional training prior to camp).

Hale Day Camp staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. Hale Adventure Camp and Hale MTB Camp staff members often hold more advanced Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Advanced First Aid, or Wilderness First Responder certifications, and often have many years and hundreds (if not thousands) of miles of experience hiking and riding terrain throughout New England.

What are the camper-to-counselor ratios?

During a typical season, Kindercamp’s is 6:1. Lower Camp’s is 7:1. Middle Camp’s is 7:1. Upper Camp’s is 10:1. Additionally, program specialists staff every activity area. Hale Adventure Camp’s and Hale MTB Camp’s camper-to-counselor ratio is 6:1. Overall, Hale’s camper-to-staff ratio is 5:1. These ratios may be even lower in accordance with any health and safety protocols that may be in effect.

What are the facilities like?

We have unparalleled access to Hale’s 1,000+ acres of adventure. Each camp boasts its own campus with amenities that include lodges, pavilions, playing fields, private beaches, changing areas, swimming zones, bathrooms, archery ranges, skills parks, and more.

How will my camper get there?

Bus transportation during regular camp hours (8:45 AM–3:45 PM) is included in camp tuition. Alternatively, you may choose to drive your camper to Hale.

Can I pick up my camper later than 3:45 PM?

Yes, Hale is once again offering an Extended Day option that you may add when you register. Extended Day runs from 3:45–6 PM and includes activities such as swimming and games. Even if they’ve registered for bus service, Extended Day campers may only be picked up from Hale by parents or guardians.

What about my camper's bike?

Bikes are not permitted on buses, but locked storage at Hale is complimentary for the duration of your camper’s session. There are three options to bring your camper’s bike to Hale:

  • Join us at the annual Camp Family Welcome Event, date TBD. Bring your camper’s bike with you and we’ll store it until camp begins.
  • Drop off your camper’s bike before their session begins (Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 6 PM).
  • On the first day of your camper’s session, drop them off with their bike.

You may retrieve your camper’s bike after their final session by picking them up on their last day or returning to Hale the following week during business hours.

The session I wanted is full! Should I join the wait list?

Yes! Some wait lists are longer than others, but people’s plans change (and we’ve been known to increase capacity when space and staff availability permits). We enroll as many campers as possible in the order they signed up.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Yes. Any family may submit a financial aid application, available now and due November 1, 2021. Sustained by private philanthropy, Hale’s campership fund closes the gap between tuition and what families are able to afford. Only under the most extraordinary of circumstances is full tuition granted.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

Please contact us by phone at 781-326-1770 or by email at hdc@hale1918.org.

ACA Accredited Summer Camp

Hale’s camps are proudly accredited by the ACA. Learn why that’s important.

Questions? Email hdc@hale1918.org or call 781-326-1770.

More Information