How to Prepare for Summer Camp

Whether your child is about to begin their first summer program or they’ve been attending camp for years, planning is key to make the transition from school to camp a smooth one. It’s about more than just packing lists and sunblock (but those are important, too). Calming any anxieties and helping them know what to […]

How to Spend Time Outside this Summer

Put down the smartphone and turn off the TV, because this summer, your family needs to spend time together outside. The kids won’t sit inside watching reruns or conquering worlds through video game consoles. Grown-ups won’t waste weekends catching up on email or scrolling through social media. It’s time to disconnect to reconnect — so […]

Splashing Into Spring

Spring—known to some as “mud season”—requires us to be extra gentle with Mother Nature. It’s a time to spot snowdrops, crocuses, and fiddleheads as they are beginning to emerge, but it’s also a time when wet trails are especially susceptible to damage. Don’t be afraid to pull on your wellies and go puddle jumping on […]