Community Solar Garden

Hale's Community Solar Garden

Our Community Solar Garden

As we look to the future, it’s readily apparent that we all need to do whatever we can to “go green.” Hosting a Community Solar Garden is one way Hale is doing its part. You can track our impact and see how solar is saving trees while utilizing the space from a capped landfill!

Why? We like solar energy. It’s clean. It’s green. And by hosting a solar garden on our property, we get to share the power of solar energy with you.

How? This isn’t just a regular solar garden; it’s a Community Solar Garden, which means you can sign up for a Community Solar Share to lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Where? The Community Solar Garden sits atop a capped landfill just off Powissett Street.

When? Now. This program is fully enrolled at the moment, but space may become available in the future (e.g. when a shareholder moves away).

How a Community Solar Share Helps your Electricity Bill

When you sign up for a Community Solar Share you get a boost of solar energy for your home, at a discount, without actually having to install the panels on your roof. There is no up-front cost.

Here’s how it works: when your Community Solar Share is generating energy, you receive credit on your regular utility bill, just like you would if you were generating solar energy on your rooftop. You pay 10% less for those credits; for every $10 in Community Solar Share credit you receive, you pay $9 to the Community Solar Garden through your subscription.

If you need to move and do so within the utility service area, you can take your Community Solar Share with you. If you move outside the utility service area, all you need to do is find someone local to take your spot.

How to Sign up for our Solar Farm

Secure your Community Solar Share today and start reaping the benefits of renewable energy. Use “hale” as the password.

Our Partners

Originally developed by BlueWave Solar and built by local contractor Conti Solar, Inc., our Community Solar Garden is now owned and operated by a subsidiary of Amp Energy. Amp Energy specializes in building, owning, and operating renewable assets around the world.