About Us

Hale believes nature, education, and recreation inspire us to learn, empower us to lead, and challenge us all to create a world in which people, place, and purpose are united.

Our Impact

  • Reimagining Learning—Education can be pursued outside classrooms, and information can be found beyond books. Everyone is a learner at Hale, and we help each other grow in the great outdoors.
  • Building Community—Community inspires. As the number of digital distractions increases, belonging to an authentic community has never been more important. Hale’s family includes friends, neighbors, kids, parents, grandparents, campers, dog owners, hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.
  • Achieving Equity—Equity requires access. Hale nurtures partnerships that serve more than 70 communities throughout Greater Boston. We believe high-quality outdoor learning opportunities can close the achievement and nature gaps.
  • Fostering Wellness—Wellness is multidimensional. It’s conscious, self-directed, and deeply personal, and it’s defined by our daily choices. Hale aims to be a place where people can care for their minds, bodies, and spirits through rest, exercise, and play.
  • Protecting Nature—Nature matters. Hale serves as a leader in protecting and educating people about it. Even as it serves as a resource for communities, Hale strives to be a safe haven for the many plants, animals, birds, fish, and insects that call it home.

Our Background

Hale Education, Inc. is a private nonprofit widely recognized for our flagship camps, youth programs, family and community activities, school partnerships, and professional development opportunities. We serve several thousand children and families from 70 Greater Boston communities annually, and invite visitors to enjoy our 1,100+ acres of forests, ponds, and meadows in Westwood and Dover, Massachusetts. Our programs and land management practices are the legacy of our founder, Robert Sever Hale, who encouraged people to patronize the property in ways that are “charitable and benevolent in nature…to provide education which will develop intelligent, capable, and responsible citizens.”

We hope you’ll learn more about our history and become a member today.